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tiles of the unexpected

Crystal Havana Glass

Crystal Havana Glass       8mm

Contemporary glass tiles for walls, the Havana series comes in three colours, Dark Grey, Medium Grey and Light Grey, each colour available in gloss and matt finish and is produced in the following sizes.

  • 44.7x14.7cm tile

  • 10x10cm tile

  • 2.3x2.3cm mosaic 30x30cm sheet

  • 4.8x4.8cm mosaic 30x30cm sheet


  • Havana Mosaic mix is also available in gloss and matt finish in the following sizes.


  • 1.5x4.8cm mosaic 30x30cm sheet

  • 1.5x1.5cm mosaic 30x30cm sheet

  • 2.3x2.3cm mosaic 30x30cm sheet



  • All Crystal glass is 8mm thick

  • Click on an image below to view colours

havana glass main havana room shot havana room sho 3t Havana mix gloss elite 23x23x8 Havana dark gloss 447x147 Havana medium matt 447x147 Havana light  gloss 447x147

Dark Grey Gloss 44.7x14.7cm

Medium Grey Matt 44.7x14.7cm

Light Grey Gloss 44.7x14.7cm

havana mix mosaic matt 23x23 havana mix mosaic 1.5x4.8 gloss

Havana Mosaic mix 1.5x4.8cm gloss

Havana Mosaic mix 2.3x2.3cm matt